Meet LogonSafe, the next generation of Identity Management

Make password security easy for your users, and get immediate notifications of account breaches for your IT staff

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Kick phishing scams in the pASSword

Attackers want your passwords. Users are tricked into giving them up. Empower your users with information against attacks, and IT teams with immediate knowledge of breaches.

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Next generation security

Current password managers all sync passwords across many devices. LogonSafe uses a single device as the "source of truth", eliminating many of the existing attacks on old password managers

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LogonSafe keeps the keys to your kingdoms in your pocket, not on someone else's cloud.

Secure by Design

LogonSafe only exposes one password at a time, and never needs your master password outside of your authenticated device

User Authentication Logs

All user approved logins are logged with LogonSafe. Third party access logs without a corresponding entry in LogonSafe can be a red flag of a potential breach.

Cross Platform

LogonSafe works on iOS and Android, Chrome and Edge (Chromium) browsers (Firefox coming soon), and all OSes. Security should not be platform specific.

  • Local storage

    Credentials are only exposed on your device when you need them.

  • Keylogger hardened

    Your Master Password is never used to decrypt on your PC

  • Easy to use

    Easier on users, more secure for administrators

  • Activity alerts

    Real time account take over alerts minimize time to remediation

  • Phishing Protection

    Lock passwords to authentic services, eliminating user error

  • Early warning

    Alert IT teams if users attempt to access phishing websites

  • Simply Secure

    All credentials stored and transmitted with 256 bit AES encryption

  • Reduce support

    Eliminate password reset calls, increase productivity

Why LogonSafe?

Easier for users - More secure for IT
Prevent breaches for your business

LogonSafe is the next generation of password management solutions

Legacy password managers copy all your credentials to every device you use - and require you to type your master password on the same devices. A single compromised PC could expose all accounts, and all shared passwords.
LogonSafe only exposes the credentials you need, and only when you need them, reducing the attack surface.

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Eliminate the risk of phishing attacks

We use passwords to authenticate to websites, but what authenticates the website to us? LogonSafe prevents users from supplying their credentials to the wrong site, and alerts IT immediately when an attack is detected

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Of breaches caused by Phishing


Annual per-user cost of phishing


Average cost of password reset call


Undetected breaches >2 months

Simple Security

We don't just store your passwords, we protect them.


Our patent-pending process ensures that your users only type their passwords on authorized sites.


Watch this video of LogonSafe and a REAL phishing site!

Our Pricing Plan

Reduce costs of password reset tickets, and elimiate the cost of compromised accounts


Simple, Secure, Password Management


per user per year

  • Google Chrome Plugin
  • Mobile App
  • Admin UI
  • Phishing Protection
  • Account compromise alerts

14 Day Trial


Business plus Phishing Protection


per user per year

  • Google Chrome Plugin
  • Mobile App
  • Admin UI
  • Phishing Protection
  • Account compromise alerts

14 Day Trial


We tailor to your business


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